We offer water damage restoration in Canton, Akron, Cleveland and the surrounding areas of Ohio.

Northeast Ohio Water Damage Restoration That Is Efficient and Fast

When disaster strikes in your Akron, Canton, or Cleveland area home, come to the professionals that know how to fix the problem quickly. Water damage from storms, leaks or floods can lead to serious problems for your home down the road if not taken care of quickly. Here at Surge Construction and Restoration LLC, we specialize in water damage restoration, and we work hard to get your home back to its original shape as quickly as possible.

Water damage can be caused by anything from a sewer line back up to ice damming on your roof. Regardless of the problem, we deal with it quickly and ensure that your home is healthy and dry before we leave.

Surge Construction Water Damage Restoration

Why Choose Surge Construction and Restoration LLC?

You have choices when it comes time to pick a Canton, Akron, or Cleveland area water damage restoration company, but you can count on us to offer you fast response times, affordable prices and work you can rely on.

When water damages your home mold is a serious concern. If your Northeast Ohio home isn’t dried out properly, small spores of mold can grow and ruin your home and health before they are even noticed.

We make sure that your home and belongings are completely dry before we are done with our job. It takes training and experience to deal with mold and water damage successfully, and we have the tools and equipment needed to ensure that your home is protected now and in the future.

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We are always careful with your home and your belongings after water damage. We know that these can be emotional, inconvenient times for your family, and we do our best to get in, do our job, and let you get back to your life with as little fuss as possible.

When your home has water damage, come to the professional Northeast Ohio company that comes as quickly as possible. Call us today at (330) 217-4317 to learn more about how we ensure that your home is safe after water damage strikes.

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